Jerry Farsoun is a social entrepreneur. He believes society has the capacity and ability to become emotionally and mentally, healthy and wealthy, and that these two ingredients are key to both internal and external success.

For many, if not all, successful people along with those striving to reach that pinnacle in life, financial wealth sits at the top of their ‘to be lists’ and when they get there, they realise it’s not what they imagined.

The key he believes is to seek out your inner purpose, let it fill your soul so motivation for life comes from within.
In his 20’s, he felt that he didn’t belong and embarked on an intrepid journey around the physical world to research and learn about his inner world and about the things he could do to change to fit in, belong and find his purpose.

The result was an incredibly valuable lesson that literally altered the trajectory of this life; he learned that there was nothing wrong with him other than the people he surrounded himself with and he didn’t fit into ‘that’ group of people.

Decades of effort, trial and error, from one experience to another, Jerry pushed through immeasurable odds and came out the other end a shining example of finding and living his purpose.

Jerry was also nominated Australian of the Year 2017 and champions the development of Leelou™ a Personal Safety on Demand app that launched in 2017.

While doing all this, he’s been working frantically on finishing his booked titled ‘From Beyond Zero’, which is a writing of his life experiences that goes deeper in to his outlook on where we are, where we’ve been and most importantly, where we’re going internally as a society.

Success isn’t about how many zero’s you have in the bank and sure it does make the world of difference, especially if your very life depends on having money or access to it for survival. For Jerry, success is finding your purpose and living it, whatever that means to you and his vision, his passion is to unite an elite group of aligned individuals who congregate at this level for one purpose: to positively and progressively create a paradigm shift for future generations and that this alliance becomes and epicentre for that social change.

He looks forward to working with people who live their life on purpose or seek to find what that purpose is, then live it fully from the core of their beings, through to the furthest extensions of their sphere of influence.

Remember to make your life mean something!

In 2008, he set the world record becoming the first person to circumnavigate mainland Australia 12,000+ k’s solo and unassisted, (which took 7 months and 12 days to complete) in a Powerchute that he custom built. From there he went on to write, produce and even Direct short films on the area of alternative perspectives, on better emotional and mental well being, 3 of which are currently available on Youtube.